_1DW1724 Willow Lake and San Luis Valley series looking west from top of waterfall   The blogs on this site are inspired by  a philosophy of integrating humans with the natural world from which we have been estranged. (Actually, we have always been a part of it; recognizing that connection is the problem.) A source of estrangement as writer/naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton expressed in the 1930s is greed. (For more on this, see Seton Legacy Project blog.) Greed for money (most obviously), but also for power, and ultimately, for space. We expand in absolute numbers, but also in our footprint, going beyond the boundaries of individual bodies to and into all parts of air, earth and water. Which is to say that the space taken up by any individual is multiplied by where and how we affect that space (e.g. consumption, pollution, etc.) The destruction we create is proof of our integration with nature.

That integration is missed due to noise, the chaos of our things and processes that drown out the sounds of nature. The philosophy of Generally True Patterns emphasizes listening to the sounds of wild nature and finding meaning by cutting through our own noise.

{Willow Lake, Crestone Range, Colorado, September 13, 2013. DLW photo.}

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