Should the internationally destructive corporations and the politicians they own fear Je Suis Charlie? Over a million people of many different religions plus 43 heads of state marched together in Paris on Sunday not for revenge, not pro-fascist or pro-corporate but for freedom and to uphold the highest values of civilization.

The Obama administration decided it was not important enough to send a high ranking official but the U.S. was represented by its soft power figure, the “Charlie Brown” of cartoonist Charles Schulz. Maybe that was enough.

Or maybe the pro-corporate U.S. administration made (for them) the correct decision. What if Je Suis Charlie gets out of hand? Could the momentum of the movement live past one day? What if it grew into a larger call for Social Justice? Or for Climate Justice, extending to the environment and all species? Our corporate masters would not care for that.

The movement could broaden into solidarity of all peoples against all forms of oppression, including oppression of nature.


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