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Environmentalists at work

Environmentalists at work


The global mass movement for environmental justice has not yet reached the critical mass needed to overthrow the destroyers of our world. We keep trying. I have listed a few significant links to learn more about what is going wrong and what we can do about it. Here are a few sources on environmental issues.

Environmental organizations making a difference, New Mexico
Wilderness preservation and expansion in New Mexico.

Education and advocacy for the most endangered wolf subspecies.

Gila Wilderness Advocacy 

Tell-it-as-it-is environmental organizations
Dave Foreman and honest environmentalism.

Corporate Responsibility and the Sanders Institute

Climate studies

National Climate Assessment/U.S. Global Change Research Program (2017)

Birds and Climate Change/Audubon Society (not good news here either)

Global climate change/NASA (ongoing and alarming)

American Meteorological Society (December 2017)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report.

Department of Defense.

Risky Business report. 

World Wildlife Fund report. 

The Center for Climate and Security

Extreme Weather, The Climate Reality Project (March 2018)

IPCC not much time left from October 2018

Culture of corporate corruption
Ralph Nader’s new book.

Thom Hartman anti-corporate commentary.

Jim Hightower anti-corporate commentary.

Going in the right direction stories

The rights of whales and dolphins.

Wolf Conservation.

Going in the wrong direction stories

Lynx in trouble from Trump administration/The Washington Post (January 2018)

Red Snow/The New Yorker(microorganisms) (September 2017)

Birds in trouble from Trump administration (January 2018)

Insects in Trouble (October 2017)

Melting ice.

 Russia and China block creation of Antarctic Conservation area.

More on insects in trouble.

Ocean reef destruction. 

Environmental defenders killed.

On line publications about nature and wildlife

The Dodo.

Natural History Notes

Animals becoming creatures of the night.

The smell of rain.

On line publication about Ernest Thompson Seton

Ernest Thompson Seton’s Lifecraft. 


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