Radical Natural History

My interpretive work is explores our relationship to nature based on the radical notion that actions have consequences, that what we do and how we are in the world matters.

This site is a response to the massive, intentional attack by our civilization on oceanic, terrestrial, and atmospheric systems (the Anthropocene era). This destructiveness against habitat and species arises from the belief that we are separate from nature and thus immune to the laws of physics and biology.

Generally True Patterns. Physical, biological and social realms are inherently connected over vast time. The study of this is Radical Natural History. Begin with the twenty-two essays by clicking here. Return to this section for a list of patterns and concepts in systems theory.

In Essays/Political and Environmental Commentary I post observations on various topics, usually with an environmental slant or in a continuing examination of Generally True Patterns.

I present visual observations in Nature Photo Essays.

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